Gold Leaf Gilding Services by Branko Kuzmanovic

Welcome to the portfolio of Gold Leaf Gilder by Branko Kuzmanovic, a place where you can discover his gold leaf gilding works, services, skills and professional experience. 

Gilding has been from ancient times one of the most appreciative forms of decorations and creativity.

Gilding is the laying of leaf of gold, silver and imitation gold (copper or aluminium) on a prepared surface. Pure gold leaf is almost practically transparent and it can be thinned to 0.0001 millimeter. 

For centuries gilders have applied gold leaf to furniture, objects of arts, religious arts, medieval manuscripts, cathedrals and homes, accomplishing the task in secret. Gold on furnishings initially served as an expression of power, but later on it was used commonly as a relief from the lack of shininess of the wood. 

Take a moment to look through the gallery, and get in touch for more information.

24 Karat Gilt on Wooden Iconostasis
Russian Orthodox Church In Melbourne - Exterior 24K Gold Gilding
Golden Icon of the Mother of God
Gold Leafed Victorian Ceiling
24 Karat Gold Gilded Crystal Chandelier
24 Karat Gold Gilded Crystal Chandelier
Gilded Glass Vase
Gilded Glass Vase
23K Gold Water Gilded Sofa Frame
Gold Gilding and Engraved Artwork
Buddha Antique Gilt Restoration
Buddha Antique Gilt Restoration

"I come in a world of iron to make a world of gold"

Miguel de Cervantes



Melbourne, Australia

M: 0401 588 976

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