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Gold Leaf Gilding Services

• Working with genuine gold leaf (ranging from 12k to 24k across many colour shades) as well as with silver, palladium, edible gold and silver leaf, copper and other precious metals;
• Gilding on a variety of surfaces (wood, stone, metal, plaster ,marble, glass, paper) and objects (furniture, sculptures, antiques, crystal chandeliers, walls and ceilings, churches, clocks, decorative panels and musical instruments);

• Water Gilding, Oil Gilding, Quick Size Gilding, Antique and Toning, Sgraffito;
• Handmade Orthodox religious icons (traditional “old masters”style of painting with egg tempera on wooden board);
• Unique gold leaf arts and gifts;

• Body Casting Services (Face and Hand Casting).

Body casting is a very safe and exciting process of creating a copy of face, hand or any other part of body through the use of molding and casting techniques. 

Sculpture of your face/hand will be made of strong plaster stone material and finish of your choice(24ct gold gilding, palladium, copper etc).

Gilt Restoration Service

Committed to Quality

Exterior Gilding Service

Exceeding Expectations

Furniture Water Gilding Service

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Interior Gilding Decor Service

Committed to Quality

Gold Leaf Gilding on Glass

Pure Gold Leaf Artworks - Branko Kuzmanovic

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